Sadie & Jay

Follow the link below to listen to some samples from their latest CD - ROGUE FOLK

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Sadie and Jay live in Australia and last toured the UK in 2016, when they appeared at our club as support for Harvey Andrews.  We were all hugely impressed by their refreshing style and look forward to listening to them for a full guest night.

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Sadie & Jay sing captivating songs accompanied by intricate finger style guitar and double bass. 
Their contemporary and original folk music styles have leanings to the alternative with a tinge of blues and roots.  Blending vocals of rare calibre with an evocative back-drop of traditional folk instruments this duo perform intimate, expressive and resonant music. 

Enda Kenny

Follow the link below to listen to some songs from his latest CD:

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Enda Kenny is an Irish-Born songwriter who has made his home in Melbourne, Australia since the late 1980's. His thoughtful, descriptive stories of his adoptive homeland have struck a chord with festival audiences all over Australia and are always memorable and spiced with plenty of humour. Proud to sing of where he lives rather than where he left, he continues to grow his international audience with recent trips to Germany, Holland, UK, NZ and Canada.

Other Guests booked for 2018 include:

Kim Lowings and The Greenwood
Allan Taylor (***Downstairs - ticket only***)

More information will follow soon - watch this space!

No other artistes are booked yet.  We will update the site as soon as we make further bookings.