The Magical Christmas Tree Show

Downstairs in the function room.  Starts at 8.00pm.

Well-established singer-songwriter Pete Morton teams up with Emily Sanders (ex Isambarde), Chris Parkinson – The House Band, Sultans Of Squeeze (with John Kirkpatrick) to do a tour every December.  Between them they deliver a richly textured collection of vibrant new songs, beautiful old carols and stunning instrumentals – this includes O, Little Town Of Bethlehem to the tune of The House Of The Rising Sun (and vice-versa).
The tree is decorated with scrolls which might have songs, dances or antics written on them. The audience chooses the scrolls and the trio have to do whatever is written on them.

Supported by

Will Morgan

Will is a hugely popular local artiste who is a competent singer and guitarist but most of all he is an 'entertainer', in the true sense of the word.  If you've never seen him before then you are in for a treat.  If you have seen him then you already know how good he is! 

Andy Clapham

Press play below to hear a song from Andy


 Andy runs his own folk club in Stafford called 'Fun Folk' and that's exactly what you'll get with Andy: he sings and plays guitar but the emphasis is on FUN.  So, if you could do with cheering up a bit then come along and join in with Andy and the FUN.

Other Guests booked for 2018 include:

Breeze and Wilson
Even Stevens
OTHER ROADS (**Downstairs**)
Michelle and Bonz
Sadie and Jay
ENDA KENNY (**Downstairs**)

More information will follow soon - watch this space!

No other artistes are booked yet.  We will update the site as soon as we make further bookings.